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So me and my friend went to the Maroon 5 concert last night.

We won tickets off the radio, and usually the tickets they give you are pretty decent, but these were balcony seats in the furthest corner facing like…BEHIND the stage. I lovingly referred to the area as ‘the dark corner of oblivion’. So we were bumming a little bit because…yeah, horrible seats, but I was just happy to be at the concert. Suddenly this guy points to me and says “How many seats do you have?”. I told him two, and he pulled me and my friend into the hallway and told me he was Maroon 5’s tour manager and asked us if we wanted front row seats or to stand in the pit in front of the stage. I had a mental breakdown internally, but I kept my cool in front of him and asked my friend what she wanted to do, and the answer was PIT.  I asked him how he even found us in the dark corner of the forgotten, and he said he just went to the furthest area and he could go to. He said he liked our Maroon 5 shirts and he was appreciative of us coming out and supporting the band. OH MY GOD…..

I’m still beside myself. I have no idea how I went from having the shittiest seats ever to having their tour manager specifically pick me out and bring me to the stage….

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